Idoido – Then
Released in 2013. Stefaan Decroos: 6- & 12-string guitar, percussion. Add: Joeri Verfaille: violin on ‘On My Way To Heaven’  – Karel Thant: guitars etc. on ‘Then’. Recorded by Idoido at Summer Street Studios (Gent). Mixing: Stefaan Decroos & Jonas Tournicourt. Mastering: Gert Van Hoof in Cochlea (Lier). Cassette = 8 euro + shipping. Mail. Buy digital download at Kinky Star or i-tunes.

1. For All Of The Wor’
2. On The Brighter Side Of The Puster Valley
3. Alpha
4. General Maczek’s Shermantank (listen)
5. Upright Conversation (listen, watch)
6. Words Of The Sluggard
7. Gee Haw Blues
8. Mini-Me
9. The Great Invisible Spirit (of the father whose  name cannot be uttered) (listen)
10. In Winter Snow Sets The Rules  (watch)
11. On My Way To Heaven
12. Saint-Etienne
13. Summer Street Train Blues
14. Then

1998924 i do i do more lightIdoido – More Light
Released in 2010. Stefaan Decroos: guitars, vocals – Jeff Goddard: bass – Jonas Tournicourt: guitars – Stephan Spriet: drums. Recorded by Idoido at Blinn Studios (Tielt) & Oath Pact Studios (Gent). Mixing: Paul Q Kolderie & Alex Hartman in Camp Street Studios (Boston, US). Mastering: Gert Van Hoof in Cochlea (Lier). Cd = 10 euro + shipping, vinyl =  15 euro + shipping. Mail. Buy digital download at Kinky Star or i-tunes.

1.The Wheel Is Molten
2. More Light  (watch)
3. Impure
4. Rooftop Observatory Blues (watch)
5. She Still Lacks Coordination
6. Onwards, Love
7. Nimble (In Spring)
8. Any Kind Of Blues
9. Go Get That Gone
10. Sit On The Ground  (watch)
11. Moist March
12. Content
13. This Is Not America (listen)

nobneIdoido – None
Released in 2007. Stefaan Decroos: guitars, vocals – Jonas Tournicourt: bass, vocals – Stephan Spriet: drums. Recorded at Camp Street Studios (Boston, US). Engineers: Paul Q Kolderie & Adam Taylor. Producers: Chris Brokaw & PQK.  Mastering:  Alan Douches in West West Side Music (NY, US). For sale in some shops in the Benelux, mail for cd = 10 euro + shipping, or buy digitally on i-tunes.

1. Come
2. Delta Blues
3. The Devil
4. None
5. Goods And Gear
6. Papergold (listen)
7. Let’s Play Northpole
8. The Righteous Part Of Town
9. If Wishes Were Horses
10. Brick’s Face
11. The Siren
12. D-Glass  (watch)
13. Machines